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i lost my place

but i can't stop this story

30 September 1987
the girl +
cait. 22. crazy. odd. random. southern girl. future history teacher. sci-fi lover. coffee addict. avid reader. music obsessed. fic writer. icon maker. romantic realist.
the fandoms +
being human. big bang theory. buffy. criminal minds. dark angel. dollhouse. dr. who. farscape. firefly. fringe. glee. harry potter. how i met your mother. jane eyre. life. merlin. ncis. one tree hill. pride & prejudice. rent. roswell. sense & sensibility. slumdog millionaire. stargate atlantis. stargate sg-1. star trek. supernatural. the office. the tribe. torchwood. true blood. twilight. the watchmen. x-men.
the ‘ships +
sheldon/penny. angel/buffy. morgan/garcia. logan/max. doctor/rose. john/aeryn. d’argo/chiana. jayne/river. wash/zoe. mal/river. harry/ginny. ron/luna. arthur/merlin. nathan/haley. lucas/peyton. darcy/lizzy. micheal/maria. max/liz. brandon/marianne. john/rodney. daniel/vala. jack/daniel. kirk/spock. jim/pam. jay/ebony. jack/ianto. owen/tosh. edward/bella. jasper/alice.
the music +
anberlin. bethany joy galeotti. brad paisley. breaking benjamin. coldplay. dave barnes. death cab for cutie. etta james. fall out boy. foo fighters. frank sinatra. gavin degraw. george jones. goo goo dolls. green day. iron & wine. jack's mannequin. jay-z. jimmy eat world. johnny cash. josh groban. journey. keane. kings of leon. lady antebellum. la rocca. lifehouse. longview. mates of state. missy higgins. muse. nada surf. queen. randy travis. rascal flatts. ray lamontagne. reba. rent. rilo kiley. snow patrol. simon & garfunkal. something corporate. t.i. the beatles. the cure. the kooks. the weepies and so much more.
the journal +
this journal will mostly contain art and fanfics, with occasional ramblings. if for some reason you like what you find here feel free to friend me chances are i will friend you back.

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